Color coded wayfinding stripes

DoorDash connects people to local businesses by providing on-demand food delivery service. Through use of their app, the technology company has been able to address delivery routes in towns and cities that other companies may not cover.

DoorDash engaged Rapt Studio to design environmental graphics and wayfinding for their headquarters office, located in San Francisco. DoorDash wanted to enhance the experience for employees and visitors, while establishing a stronger connection to their brand and mission. With these goals in mind, Rapt Studio designed a series of memorable experiences that communicate how DoorDash connects and supports communities.

Inspired by street signage and transportation infrastructure, Rapt designed a wayfinding system with bold stripes of color. These color-coded paths and their accompanying pictograms guide visitors and employees to their destinations. Stripes run up and down corridors, through spaces, and wind up stairs. The resulting user experience resembles DoorDash delivery journeys through cities that cater to specific needs.

At a central gathering area, a series of wall mounted illustrations show how different stakeholders are integral to the DoorDash experience. Polaroid style snapshots of employees clipped to another wall add a personal touch to the workspace.

Project:  DoorDash
Location: San Francisco, CA
Designer: Rapt Studio
Photographs: Jasper Sanidad

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