Whistler B.C. Wayfinding

Whistler parking lot stair sign

The rugged and beautiful Whistler mountain resort community is well known for winter sports. With a growing visitor and resident population, the community of Whistler reached out to MERJE and Brent Harley Associates to develop a wayfinding master plan.

The wayfinding strategy starts at the Vancouver airport and guides visitors to destinations and amenities throughout the resort. The signage system enhances visitor experience and improves the functionality of the community’s infrastructure. The Whistler community logo is incorporated into the signage and signage forms echo the angles of the mountains.

Whistler Village North Sign
Photo © Andrew Strain Photography
Whistler parking lot pylon sign
Photo © MERJE
Whistler parking wayfinding
Photo © Andrew Strain Photography
Whistler wayfinding sign
Photo © Andrew Strain Photography
Whistler Village Centre sign
Photo © MERJE
Whistler Trail map kiosk signs
Photo © Andrew Strain Photography
Whistler wayfinding sign with map
Photo © MERJE
Whistler valley trail identification sign
Photo © MERJE
Whistler Valley Trail Sign
Photo © MERJE

Project:  Whistler B.C. Wayfinding
Location: Whistler, B.C.
Designer: MERJE
Wayfinding Masterplan: MERJE & Brent Harley Associates

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