The Urban Letter’s mission is to provide inspiration for projects and a resource for the rapidly evolving field of experiential graphic design, also known as environmental graphic design.

Experiential graphic design involves the design of spaces that communicate to visitors and users, often through the integration of type, graphics, and interactive content. Some examples include signage, wayfinding systems, and maps that help orient and guide users through space. Branded environments, such as an office or retail space, can express a company’s identity through graphic installations and signage. Exhibitions can create an environment to learn and experience information. All of these projects can inform and tell stories. They can be multi-dimensional, interactive, and add a rich sense of place.

The field crosses the boundaries of many disciplines. Graphic designers, architects, landscape architects, industrial designers, and artists all contribute to creating these spaces that communicate.

To learn more, you can visit the site for the professional association for the field, the Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD).