St Katharine Docks

st katherine docks map sign

St Katharine Docks is a mixed-use district, business center, and marina, located in London along the north bank of the River Thames. While visitors frequently visit the nearby Tower of London and the iconic Tower Bridge directly adjacent to the site, they are not always aware of St Katharine Docks. A new signage program for the district has been designed by Fwdesign, to help raise awareness and promote the area as a world-class destination.

Freestanding signs are strategically located at primary entrances and decision points throughout the site. Both signs and printed maps are rendered in shades of blue and green. Outlined illustrations of architectural landmarks that give them a 3-dimensional appearance. Maps are shown in heads-up orientation to encourage onward exploration of the area.

St Katharine Docks utilizes Fwdesign’s signage system called “frank” for this project. The system was selected for its minimalist form and clean lines, to look attractive together with the heritage architecture and surroundings. Illuminated information panels enable viewing at all times of day, without competing with the attractive lighting along the docks.

Project:  St Katharine Docks
Location: London, U.K.
Designer: fwdesign
Photographs: fwdesign

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