Factory Square

Factory Square Tenant Pylon Sign

Factory Square is a mixed-use commercial complex, located at the center of Waterloo’s Idea Quarter in Canada. Formerly the headquarters of Research in Motion, Factory Square is a hub of technology and innovation. The development includes three buildings, an outdoor courtyard, and amenities. Tenants and visitors have easy access to the ION Rapid Transit system from the site.

Working with the architectural/interior design team and the design concept for the building, Cygnus created Factory Square’s unique brand identity, wayfinding strategy, and signage. The Factory Square brand and signage elements use the bright yellow-green accent color found in the architectural finishes.

Exterior pylon signs help to guide visitors to the site and accessible routes. With flashes of color, they provide eye-catching identification of the building when approaching from the ION Rapid Transit station. Tenant identification elements are functional but more neutral, to avoid competing with the Factory Square brand. Angled square interior signs reflect the angles in the floor plan and the diagonal circulation of people moving through the building.

Project: Factory Square
Location: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Designer: Cygnus Design Group
Architect: Raw Design
Photography: Victor Lam, Cygnus Design Group

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